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La version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Air d'Apple, numéro de modèle A1474. Disponible en gris sidéral ou argent, il emploie le processeur A7 personnalisé et est livré dans des configurations 16, 32, 64 et 128 Go.

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Can anyone tell me why I can't...

On one hand I have an iPad Air 16GB in great shape only issue is device is activation locked and I gave up years ago fighting with apple about getting it unlocked when I could prove the previous owner was my great aunt who is dead. On the other I have an iPad Air 128GB that has needed screen replacement 3 times, and battery replacement twice. The current battery in the 128GB is swelling beyond belief and has begun pushing the display off.

Tell me why I can't just swap the board from the 128GB into the body of the 16GB.

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wadekels00  there isn’t. For as long as they are the same model it should fit no matter how much memory it has.

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Excellent That's what I was counting on. Just wanted to confirm as Apple are sometimes crazy like that, LOL.


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