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Ring Video Doorbell Model No. 88RG000FC100

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Why is my hardwired battery not trickle charging

I've had my hardwired ring doorbell almost a year a the battery has always been at 100%

Lately its been slowly dropping and not recharging. I've read on other forums that this was the cause of a firmware upgrade and ring knows nothing about it. Their tech support is really terrible. Anyone experiencing this?

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I have the same problem, even change transformer, still not charging or ring internal door bell, connected old transformer to a cord, plugged in power, have 24v out, vired directly to ring, nothing, still not charging. I think ring disabled it so you have to buy theirs solar charger... How is that legal? Maybe time to buy nest door bell...

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If your Ring Video Doorbell is not ringing correctly or is no longer working, use the Ring Video Doorbell Won’t Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Most likely, this is a faulty battery problem. A Ring Video Doorbell requires at least 3,900 mV. Check the voltage received by the Ring device by opening the Ring app, selecting ‘Ring Pro’, and selecting ‘Device Health.’ If the Device Health page tells you that the Ring is not receiving sufficient voltage, use this Ring support page to make sure that the Ring Pro Power Kit is properly installed.

If your Ring Video Doorbell is plugged in, receiving sufficient voltage, and is not turning on, the device’s battery may be defective. Replace the Ring Doorbell’s battery using this battery replacement guide.

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I have wireless and we are constantly having to charge. We lowered everything


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I had the same issue.H

However the week that I noticed that the battery was low, I had visitors over and there were a lot ins and out of the door. I disabled all notifications and sure enough battery porcentagem it went up again!

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Yes, ours has been doing the same thing. I have taken it off twice in the past month and plugged it in to charge it…within days it is low again.

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