Battery communication error and Flash not firing

I dropped my Canon T6i, and I am getting 3 errors. I would like to know if all 3 are related with the Flash/Power board:

1) Insert new battery, then start the DSLR and got Battery communication error in the screen. If answered ‘No’ to display the Canon logo, and ‘Yes’ to ‘Continue using this battery’, the DSLR continues to function and take pictures. However, ‘Battery info’ under the Menu showed ‘Cannot communicate with battery. i.e. no idea of how much percentage of battery left

2) Activate the ‘Flash’ with the Flash Button under Av mode, and the build-in Flash popup. However, pressed the shutter would took the photo successfully and the build-in flash will not fire. I can tell that the camera trying to lower the exposure of the photo because expecting the flash to fire. i.e. I got an under exposure photo

3) Continue the pressed the Flash Button would act like pressing the shutter button and took a photo. If set the drive to ‘Continue shooting’, hold the Flash Button would took multiple photos. i.e. the Flash Button is now functioning the same as the ‘Shutter Button’, except if will popup the build-in flash as well.

I would like to know if replacing the Flash/Power board will make a different?



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