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SteelSeries's Hi-Res Audio Certified gaming headset that comes with a digital-to-analog converter. The DAC offers customization of the audio output to enhance user experience.

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Right ear has stopped playing audio

If i fiddle with the right earcup the audio will come in and out. I’m sure a wire came loose. How can I fix it?

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Same problem for me except my right ear is cracked. After I accidentally cracked it it worked for 3 weeks and then stopped.


My right ear is simply not playing audio, i purchased the speaker to replace it on alibaba however i cannot remove the speaker cap from the headset as it is glued. I made sure to remove all the screws too. please help with this homies


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Exact same problem here. I’m a month of of warranty (but well less than a year of actual use). Right speaker went dead out of nowhere. I’ve never dropped them and took meticulous care of them. I made the mistake of buying SS everything last years (keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads, accessories, etc). Big mistake.

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same bro i made such a stupid mistake in getting these trash headphones. I have tried to replace my right side speaker but the headset is glued to the headset cap despite removing all the screws


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