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Dc Led driver drops voltage -RESOLVED


I got a Philips 65pus6262/12 - 65” 2016 Model TV

The top half of the screen is darken, and seems the led strips have not enough power or voltage, so i took the tv apart and measure in input voltage to the led strips and there is LED driver 1 and LED driver 2 on the same board,

LED driver 1 gets only 32v but it begins about 60v then drops constantly when i turn on the tv ands stays at 32v

and LED driver 2 gets constant 47v and never drops

The input to the Led Driver is 32v from the main power supply

So its must be something with the left side of the power supply, it does not continue drive 60v to led strips just drops to 32v to same volts as the input to powersupply

Any ideas, im lost at this stage! :)

Block Image

Block Image


Block Image

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Yes, forgot to mention i did swapped out the cap in bottom right corner, and i tried moving the transistors to left and right and vice versa with no luck, still dropping the voltage on the left side, i think the voltage should be 75v but im not sure





I assume that you mean that you swapped Q8602 and Q8604 to no effect, is this correct?

With the power disconnected, did you measure the back to back diodes D8601 and D8604 to see if they were the same?

By this I mean having the same resistance values when measured in both directions with an Ohmmeter, because they are diodes , so one direction would be a different resistance value to the other direction when you reversed the meter test leads over and measured them again.


The resistance is not the same, if i change directions of both of the diodes



OK but are both of the diodes testing the same as each other when testing in both directions or is the D8604 different?

The circuit for D8601 (47V) seems to be the one that is working so just proving that the D8604 is measuring the same as the other one.


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Case Closed !

upper LED ribbon is shorted or damage.

Thanks for your help #jayeff

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