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Speakers don't work except when starting the OS

Although the speakers control is turned to maximum, I can only hear the sound thru earphones, except when starting the OS, when the familiar chord sound comes thru speakers.

I am not aware of the exact moment when that started happening, but I first noticed it some two weeks ago. I have no clue what might have been the reason but it seems a software, not hardware problem. I also have the Boom software installed.

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Try starting up in Safe mode by holding down the Shift key on startup and see if your problem is resolved. If so it is a software problem. Also look in the audio port and see if a red light is on.

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Yes, the red light was on. Yet the chord sound that accompanies the OS startup came thru the speakers loud and clear.

In the safe mode there are even no speaker controls, while the Sound System Preference says "No output devices found"! No red light now.


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