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Can I force recovery mode?

My c330 Chromebook is getting the dreaded “Chrome OS is missing or damaged” error screen. I am trying to use the recovery tool provided by Google, but I cannot get the Chromebook to go into Recovery Mode. I have tried the Esc+Refresh while powering up, I’ve tried the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r to go to factory reset. I have tried holding the Volume Up and Down buttons at power up. I have also tried inserting media (USB flash drive and SD card) with the recovery utility. None of these work. Is there any other way to force the Chromebook into Recovery Mode? I am not opposed to taking the computer apart, summoning a friendly demon, holding a seance, or any other possibilities.

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I’m having same issue I was told to remove and reinsert battery. I have not tried this yet.


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You could create USB recovery media! Lenovo's service manual (On Page 27) walks you through how to make recovery media and boot into dev mode.

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