[GBC] game won't boot, cartridge works fine with an other GBC

So I recovered an old gameboy and changed the screen that was broken. The process seems to have succeeded as I could see the Game boy logo upon turning on the device.

I tried it when a Pokemon yellow cartridge but the game won’t start. I have a blank screen without sound. I tested this same cartridge with an other GBC and it works fine, which means that the problem doesn’t originate from the cartridge.

I tried to look at the pins in the cartridge receiver of the GBC, but it also seems fine.

Does someone have encountered a similar issue ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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did you end up fixing it?


Does the GBC itself work with other cartriges?


@jamesgalli33407 looks like teh last time Marko Stojanovic was here, was 3 years ago. You might get a better response if you create your own question if you have trouble with your GBC

If you are just asking out of curiosity reason, then I hope the OP will get back to you soon.


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