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A1418 / EMC 3069 / 2017 / Processeur quadricoeur i5 à 3,0 GHz, quadricoeur i5 à 3,4 GHz ou quadricoeur i7 de 3,6GHz. Sorti le 8 Juin 2017.

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Unsure if Microphone is broken/blocked


Due to the UK’s third lockdown, like most teachers I’ve began teaching my lessons through Teams at home using my iMac 21.5” 2017 4K. However, when watching the lessons back, I’ve noticed my audio really doesn’t sound clear, almost muffled, especially in comparison to my lessons that I did using my MacBook Pro M1. Some of my students have commented on how it cuts out too.

I did last year take the screen off to add an SSD, and after reading Muffled Microphone - iMac 21.5" (mid 2017) - Following Adhesive Strips, I now realise that the issue could be that the adhesive strips are blocking my microphone. However, I’m also concerned that I’m being too paranoid and it could’ve been my poor WiFi, or that nothing is even wrong.

Therefore, is there a way that I can tell if my microphone is being blocked or not without taking it apart again? I’ve recorded some voice notes and I’m convinced something is wrong but as I’ve never used the microphone up until now, I can’t comment.

Can anybody help/advise what to do before taking the screen off and ordering new strips? Would it be easy to take it apart again? I’m even happy to send the voice notes to see if anybody can hear if it has been covered over or not.

Thanks in advance! :)

Edit: See link to audio samples below:!ArvLq-OwoojLmlA1Madb...

Update (01/09/2021)

I’ve recorded a couple of voice notes. Would anybody be able to listen to them briefly and see what they think? I just want someone’s opinion before I purchase a microphone or take the screen off.

I’d be extremely grateful!! ☺️

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@jamcam - What’s the issue now?


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You’ll need to make a sound recording and then play it back. You may want to get your mate to listen to you recording it and the playback as most people can’t analyze their own voice very well.

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Thanks for the reply! I've used Voice Memo to record some messages and as I say, when I compare it to my MacBook Pro there is a difference. None of my friends are techy enough to analyse it and I haven't used it until now so I can't comment. I was perhaps hoping somebody on here could help me! :)


@jamcam - OK, so the issue is not really muffled more an issue of not having the same fidelity as your new 13" MacBook Pro M1 system.

That can be explained! Your iMac sound system is not as good as your new MacBook Pro.

Apple really worked hard on improving the microphone systems in the laptops "Studio-quality three-mic array with high signal-to-noise ratio and directional‑beamforming" Your iMac only has a single microphone, not even stereo!

Sounds like its time to get a better studio quality mic for your iMac!


Hi Dan, I hear what you saying and I do think you could be correct but upon listening back to the audio, it just seems too poor quality.

I’m just hoping somebody could listen to a voice note before I go and buy a microphone or take the screen off.

I just want my teaching from home to be as good as possible, and to use my iMac preferably


@jamcam - Post the samples here for us to listen to Make sure you say the same thing as well as you are at the same location (room) and placement (distance to the system) Ajout d'images à une question existante


Cheers @danj for your help again. I've added a link to a couple of voice notes that are on One Drive as it wouldn't let me upload .m4a and .mp3. Even tried converting it to .mp4 but still didn't like it. There's also part of a lesson recorded through Teams too. TIA.


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Dear JT

I think the mics on some laptops are positioned in strange places. Have you got an external mic in the house you could plug in the 3.5 mm jack socket? even one sold as part of a earphone set with a smartphone? I have been trying to use zoom over last few months, had similar problems and bought a cheap headset with earphone and a mic I plug it in the mic socket on my laptop and try to position it/speak into it directly (don’t need to use the earpiece) Hope this is helpful


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@lovethefreshair - Did you note the system is a iMac 21.5” that is the issue not a laptop.


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