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Will iPhone remain "water resistant" after gasket replacement?

My taptic engine went out in my 7 plus so I replaced it and replaced the gasket as well. Should I trust the water resistance on the new gasket? I’ve read that replacing the screen affects water resistance because of gaps between the earpiece and the screen but in my repair, the only thing replaced was the gasket and the taptic engine. Can I still trust the water resistance just like when I bought the phone?

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Typically the liquid resistance shouldn’t be trusted after about a month from brand new. But to answer your question, I wouldn’t trust it. Removing the screen whether it was cracked or not will break the adhesive seal. Without the proper tools and equipment that only apple has, you won’t be able to seal it properly. I myself replace it in my shop but I inform my customers that although I replace the seal, just like Apple, that I do not guarantee it will hold up.

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