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iPhone 8 slow when connecting to charger - and ok when not connected

Hi there,

I got iPhone 8 on iOS 14.3 .

I got weird issue with it - it is fine till I connect it to charger - when it become slow when wake up - then to make it “fast” again - I have to reset it (volume up down power button).

It is not liquid damaged - display is Apple BUT - it has “new” non Apple battery .

What do you think - is it battery problem or mother board or……. iOS 14 as other people complain about it

Thank You


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are you having this issue with more than one charger or just a certain one? Where did you get the battery and did this start to occur after the battery was replaced?


yes - after replaced - and battery was NEW and reported 100% original capacity.

I've replaced it with other NON-Apple battery and - so far few hours and it is fine.

Hope it is not temporary fix like with other battery - where after reset - iPhone was fine for less or more 1 hour


@Bart ok but where did you get the replacement batteries from?


@hootonberg from eBay.

And iPhone is fine till this day



1. If there is something wrong with battery - you got 30 days to FREE return and get FULL refund - no questions asked.

2. When I hear higher capacity battery (than original" I just know they are...... SCAM!

I know too much about batteries - there had to be somewhere sacrifice somewhere in producing them - as they would NOT fit into iPhone.

So sacrifice could be done with less protection / insulation or terrible battery motherboard BUT they usually give you standard size battery with printed random capacity with flashed that information (I know how to use iCopy Plus to flash this) BUT THEN......... you are charging battery MORE than it can handle and........ you end up in news because you were so stupid to believe in LIES and you blame Apple for your own stupidity :(


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@Bart eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, and Craigslist don't have any quality control over what's sold. The phrase I often use in my shop when I hear someone bought their battery off of eBay is "the price is so nice, you have to buy it twice." Because the first one typically fails. I would try another battery and see if that fixes it. If you still have the toolkit, then order a battery from a reputable supplier like Mobile Sentrix, Injured Gadgets, or Mobile Defenders. Those are the top 3 parts suppliers, Sentrix being my favorite because they offer higher capacity batteries for $1-$3 more than the standard capacity.

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