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The Asus Q304UA is a 13.3-inch convertible laptop. Released in 2016. Model number: ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1.

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My laptop will not turn on.

It gets to the asus screen and freezes it doesn't show a loading circle just the asus logo

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Original or replacement hard drive? Asus is one of those brands who tend to have weird issues when the drive is dying out that seemingly make no sense on paper, but resolve with a replacement drive (or isolating it by removing it for troubleshooting), both approaches work on Asus; you just need to remove the bad drive. My old X53E was one of the Asus AMI machines which are prone to a "no boot" condition when the drive dies. Win8 and Win10 are also known to have weird issues at boot time as well which tend to be due to failing drives*.

*Unless the drive is relatively new, which may be due to a bad Windows install.

Refer to this guide to take the laptop apart. Try reseating the connector and check but it if persists, the drive may be failing. Put a 250GB or 512GB class SSD in and be done with it at that point.

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