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Lancé le 20 septembre, le plus grand et plus cher smartphone Apple de l'année 2019 impressionne avec son écran OLED de 6,5 pouces, sa caméra à triple objectif et l'amélioration de l'autonomie de sa batterie. Il succède à l'iPhone XS Max.

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iPhone screen black, DFU mode recognised in iTunes, still dead

I bought a second hand *defect* iPhone 11 Pro Max of eBay. The listing indicated that the phone doesn´t turn on or charges and won´t be recognised by iTunes. After receiving the phone I did a few tests. The screen doesn´t show anything and the phone doesn´t blink or show any indications that is turned on. Neither while charging. However, the first attempt to put the phone into DFU mode worked and it got recognised by iTunes. I chose the restore option and left the computer. It could not have been finished by the time I got back a few minutes later. To my surprise, iTunes was closed and there was no indication of anything. So I suspect the USB connection got lost. I tried to exit the DFU mode and put it into DFU mode again but it won´t show in iTunes again. I think it´s a good sign that it showed up in the first place. I guess I am stuck somewhere now. What´s your suggestion before attempting any hardware replacements. Cause I think it could very well be a software issue.

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Put a new good battery in it, that would be my first thing to do if it was mine. A few days ago I had a iPhone X what wasn’t recognise by iTunes and could not put it in DFU mode and the screen was black, no live at all. The iPhone was not recognise by iTunes because in settings the phone was disabled to use usb if it wasn’t used longer than 1 hour. Afther I put in a new battery the phone show a sign of live, then I put a new screen on the phone a now it works.

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If iTunes is giving you “error 4005” or “error 4013” then it’s most likely a hardware issue. However, you did not mention what error you were getting, if any so I’ll give you a few options that may work.

1. Try entering DFU mode and restoring with iTunes.

  1. Try using another cable or another PC.
  2. Try a tool like Dr Phone or iSkysoftrecovery.
  3. (Assuming none of these have worked)…
  4. Try replacing the battery. (A faulty battery is quite common in a case like this).
  5. try removing the LCD and re-attempt to restore using iTunes. If your iPhone successfully restores without the LCD, then you’ll know that you need to replace the LCD.
  6. Replace the proximity sensor, a faulty proximity sensor is not as common as a faulty battery, however it still could be the problem.
  7. (If any of these worked, congratulations. If not, there’s still a few more options. But bear in mind, what I’m about to mention is not for beginners and requires some technical skills.)
  8. If none of the above worked, then your problem will most likely be corrupt firmware, or issues on the compass IC. You might be dealing with a cold joint under the NAND which would require you to use a SMD rework station to reball the chip. However, reballing the chip is not easy at all and is only a temporary fix, as in your iPhone will work for about a month to a month and a half, two months MAX before it needs to be reballed again. Replacing the logic board itself would be an easier option if the fault lies on the logic board, however you must remember that the logic board of the iPhone IS THE IPHONE so if you somehow manage to get another logic board, it would’ve come from another iPhone of which you have no knowledge of its history, so there’s a risk of ending up with a faulty logic board therefore you’ll be back to square 1. Assuming you get a functioning logic board, I personally wouldn’t recommend it as the cost to replace the logic board will be more or less the same as the value of the iPhone itself so at this point you’d might as well look at purchasing a new iPhone.

I hope it’s a minor fix and doesn’t require severe technical work. Best of luck!

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Update: I managed to get it into DFU mode with ease now connecting to a Windows Machine (macOS Catalina is weird). However, the restore process fails at unable to switch iPhone DFU mode to Recovery mode. Using u3Tools the Error is 4005. Now, I tried the same again removing the Display. I can successfully enter Recovery Mode just by pressing and holding the button combination. u3Tools now gets to 17% (Restore iPhone) then fails. Is that any indication that the Screen is any other part is defect? I have read stuck in dfu with itunes error 4005 that it could be a failure of NAND which would obviously be quite bad but I just want to know your guys opinion before I continue ordering part by part.

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When it is stuck at a some % it is detecting some defect components. Disconnect everything except battery and dockconnector, and update/restore your iPhone, it is worth trying .


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If the iTunes app failed to restore your iPhone back to normal, then there are still other common ways:

1. Force restart iPhone;

2.Use system recovery mac tool to fix iOS issues including black screen, stuck in DFU mode etc without data loss;

3.Factory reset iPhone.

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