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Samsung 65-inch 2160P TV. Released in 2015.

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Thick black vertical line with small white lines horizontally

I have a thick black line vertically and small white lines horizontally on the bottom

Block Image

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The thick black line looks like a tab connector problem.

The tab connectors are boards situated along the edge of the screen (either top or bottom I don’t know with your model, that connect the signal wires to the screen. These connections are very delicate and sometimes they come loose and a black line or a block of lines is the result.

You would have to remove the back cover and locate them at about where the black lines are and then see if you can gently push them back on, but this doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay there.

The horizontal lines are more of a worry as they indicate a screen panel problem and usually cannot be fixed except by replacing the screen itself (if you can find one).

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