Why is ice forming on the inside wall behind my bottom drawer freezer?

I have a Kitchenaid (model# KFIV29PCMS03) that’s a french door fridge on top and bottom freezer, in which I noticed recently my ice cream in the bottom section of the freezer was soft. All else seemed fine, so I tested the temp with a freezer thermometer it was -5 degrees, matching what the freezer temp was set to. But I also noticed the ice buildup I usually get inside my freezer drawers for the past 2 yrs from what I believe is a gasket issue, has suddenly disappeared. Today, what sounds like the freezer fan has gotten very loud…stays on 1-2 min, cycles off 30 secs, and then it’s back on a few minutes, all day long. And I’m seeing the items in the top freezer drawer are getting soft. Thermometer in bottom of freezer still reading fine. Upon investigating further by peering underneath the fully opened freezer, we see a thin block of ice covering much of inside back wall of the freezer, blocking most of the vents w/in the wall. Any ideas??

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Could be a heavy build up due to the freezer door not closing properly.

It also could be not defrosting properly due to a failed defrost thermostat, heater or control board. Defrost Thermostat more likely. I would start by manually defrosting refrigerator. Unplug and leave door open for 24 hours. Then make sure food in freezer does not impede door from springing closed. If Build up comes back then determine kind of ice /frost build up. If Ice ball and no frost then compressor failure possible. If heavy frost present then Check defrost components continuity.


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