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Guide de réparation pour les Téléphones Android Produits par ALCATEL One Touch.

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What kind of headphone jack does my phone have?

I have an Alcatel, model 4034X (which is the ‘Pixi 4 (4)’, I think). The headphone jack needs to be replaced, but I can’t find any kind of hardware manual to find out exactly what replacement part to get. Does anyone know exactly what headphone jack is used in this model, or how I can find out? Thanks!

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Hi @solonofathens ,

Don’t know the answer but here’s a teardown video for an Alcatel 4034D which may help as it shows that the headphone socket is mounted on the systemboard, so presumably the 4034X would be the same.

Searching online I couldn’t find a replacement headphone socket part for the phone, but found a donor parts option that you may wish to consider depending on your location and the shipping cost

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Thanks for your help @jayeff! I hadn't thought of just getting a phone for parts - that particular one doesn't work for me but I've found options closer to home, so that should solve my problem.

By the way, do you happen to have an idea of how difficult it'll be to get the old socket out and a new one in? Are there any particular implications of its being mounted on the systemboard?



Yours looks like a smd (surface mounted device) type as opposed to a plug in type or through hole solder type(but maybe not as I couldn't zoom in far enough to see) so you would have to unsolder it from the board and solder in the new one.

Here's a link that may help


Thanks very much!


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