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Best SSD for a 2012 MBP 13"?

I bought a 13” 2012 MBP as-is without the hard drive and battery for so little, the gamble makes sense for what the one I chose has spec wise (i7-3520M/8GB RAM from the factory). However, due to the lack of a drive out of the box, I need to address the drive issue before I can truly use the machine. When the machine arrives, I’m going to need to test and repair the base unit, and then install a SSD.

Out of all of the SSDs that are known to be good in these Macs, which one is the best for the money? I can survive with a 256GB class SSD (240-256GB range), if that helps.

I’m looking into the Samsung SSDs as one option, but there may be better options.

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Personally use Samsung drives. But! There are cheaper options. It all depends on what your needs are. A cheaper drive will be likely slower than Samsung. Both ADATA and Fledgling offers nice drives as well, but the warranty will be shorter as well as its lifespan.

As far as size 250GB is as small as you want, I find even that gets tight after a year of collecting stuff. I would really go with a 512GB class drive or larger.

I would also recommend going with 16GB of RAM and lastly replace the HD SATA cable! Your Hard Drive Cable Is A Ticking Time Bomb placing a strip of electricians tape down on the upper case to help protect the cable. Also don’t fold the cable! Creasing damages it!

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@danj The issue with 128GB is they tend to fill up quickly - a few updates and you're done. On the Windows side, the 256GB class does okay but you need to be careful but I do get away with it within reason. Not sure how true this is with MacOS though. In my case, this machine will be my primary personal Mac because of the CPU.

Yeah I intended to treat whatever cable this comes with as damaged and replace it. If SSDs didn't expose the problem due to their speed, it may have been okay to wait. For $10 it's just not worth gambling because it always seems to suddenly happen OR after the SSD is installed.

Oh yes the RAM is also on the agenda but for right now my priority is ensuring it works - hopefully that makes sense.


@danj I rummaged an SSD up from an old Sandy Bridge machine - Dell OEM LiteOn LCT-128M3S (may be DRAM-less).

I know it's far from ideal in a higher spec MacBook, but at least it'll get me something to start with while I shop around for a more ideal SSD. I have a 500GB Seagate SSHD I use as a "test" drive due to possible SSD cache degradation that works, but that's not a chance I want to take. Not to mention it's a spinning drive.


@nick - Do what you must! It's just not able to run at the optimum speed your system can support.


@danj Ouch... SATA II.

Had no idea, but that's just another reason to get a proper SATA III SSD in ASAP. It was always fine in the machine I pulled it from.


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