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L'AirPort Time Capsule est un dispositif de réseau sans fil avec un stockage réseau (NAS) et un routeur.

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How I can have the HDD out and put it in the standard HDD case?

My Time Capsule has out of order “reset” and always fails to “air-connect” and so I would like to have the inner HDD to an ordinary HDD case and have it online by Ethernet or the USB and save the photo files in it.

Sadly Apple threw out the repair and fix support for these models due to “vintage” products and out of parts but they are breaking the law in my country of Japan. They have the obligation to keep those parts for longer than they thought.

Now they are in big trouble but I don’t care much for that and I’d like to have my files back from the Time Capsule in the least safe way possible.

Many told me that it is possible by giving up the “Air” function and use it as a regular HDD. But there is no website telling how to do that. Please advise and help.

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This gets tricky! The drive could be moved into a USB case to reuse it. But Apple uses an odd file format on the Time Capsule drives so you would loose access to your files which is not what you want here - Ouch!

The only way that I know of is locating another Time Capsule to swap out the drive so you can then gain access to your files.

So many people encountered issues with these I ended up getting one just to recover files for my customers.

If Japanese law offers product protection that is still valid for your unit I would be surprised!

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