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Lancé le 20 septembre, l'iPhone grand public 2019 est équipé d'un écran tactile de 6,1 pouces, d'une double caméra et est disponible en six couleurs. Il succède à l'iPhone XR.

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iPhone 11 front camera not working with new front camera assembly

I have a iPhone 11 which has a broken face-id and non-functioning selfie camera. I decided to order a new front camera assembly as that would at least restore the front camera however it doesn’t appear to work. I was wondering if this is a paired component and therefore I would need to go to Apple or if I have damaged something.

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It could also be that you have received a broken frontcamera .


What if I restored it would it maybe work then?


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The front-facing camera assembly is paired in that the FaceID will no longer function however the camera should still operate fine for pictures/video.

If you’re having issues with no camera display, you can 1. clean all the connectors with iso alcohol and make sure they aren’t loose on the board 2. factory reset the device to remove any conflicting apps or corrupt data that could be causing it 3. try the camera in another device or try another camera in your device, the assembly you have may be faulty.

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