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The second generation of the Ford Ranger, featuring a mild restyling and new engine sizing.

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Truck won't run right

When I bought the truck I had no knowledge of it not being able to go over 45. It's a 5 speed manual, but when I can finally get it to 55/60 mph, 5th gear is no option as I loose speed. I have no catalytic converter on it anymore. Previous owner had stated that there was 4 codes that it had thrown. I have gone to parts store and asked them for info on the codes and the top reasons for the codes. I have replaced the fuel filter, IAC valve, throttle body, evap purge flow sensor, plugs and wires, both coils, throttle position sensor, camshaft sensor, plenum gasket, throttle body gasket, throttle body gasket for the air bypass valve and I've times it again. After all of that, I still can't get it to stay running and starting it is a pain as it acts like it don't wanna start (it will turn and turn and act like it's going to start bit then it goes back to turning and turning again). What is wrong with my 1997 Ranger XL 2.3L?

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It may need that catalytic converter for back pressure to run correctly.

What were the codes it was showing?


Since the catalytic converter was removed is where it started to run better. It has had the carpet removed (by the previous owner) and I didn't think nothing of it until I got home and the floor mat had melted as well as my daughters purse. I don't recall the codes of hand as I'd have to go back and find the guys texts. I have pretty much changed out the top 2 most common issues with the code (only thing not changed yet was the evap solenoid valve and 1 of the O2 sensors). I have finally found the pcv valve spot and noticed that it wasn't even in hole. So that might have been the cause of my timing not staying timed. Waiting for friend to come back by and help me with timing it again. Hopefully that does the fix.


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Since you say the floorboard is getting really hot and you are down on power (which isn’t a whole lot to begin with), it sounds like you have some sort of blockage or restriction in your exhaust system.

I have found the following website to be chock full of useful information:

Hope this helps…

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I have a 1996 Ranger, 2,3L, 5sp. It seemed like it wasn't getting full power/throttle. At the above website, I learned that the throttle cable stretches over time, and by pulling it taught at the gas peddle (taking up the slack) and attaching a couple of zip ties restored full travel to the throttle body. A clever and simple fix. You might want to try that too. Also, I had some 15" wheels on the truck, when I put 14: wheels back on it, I also regained "normal" acceleration. It almost felt like a new truck!


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