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Repair manuals for tablets manufactured by Samsung, running operating systems other than Android.

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My samsung tablet is not charging and the battery icon is flickering

My samsung tab a 10.1 (2016) wont charge. When i put it in charge, the battery icon shows up and keeps on flickering. Is the battery dead

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Your battery could possibly be dead or your charging port may be busted. Since I cannot find repair manuals for the tablet i am not sure if the charging port is soldered to the logic board if that is the case let me know. For now I would say take some isopropyl alcohol 90% or greater and Coleman the battery connector contacts and if the charging port is not soldered on to the board then clean’ it’s cable and if that does not work maybe you have a dead port. Like i said if the port is soldered to the board then to replace the charging port will be very difficult. If it is not try replacing the charging port and if the issue persists, try replacing the battery. But if you did that and still it does not work then call Samsung. They may not want to help you because you fixed the tablet yourself. If that is the case then bring it to a third party repair shop and they hopefully will fix the issue. IF they can’t then i think your tablet is just dead

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