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Here are the repair guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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Phone wont charge after water damage repairing (Turns on and works)

I have recently cleaned up a Xiaomi redmi note 4X. It turns on and works with whatever charge is left in the battery.

I think the shown battery level is incorrect. Stays green at 40% (with green led notification)

It is not charging further. When switched off the led stays green as if it was charged, never over 40%.

Ampere shows is consuming battery and not charging. It showed usb cable connected, but did not recognise it again after unpluging and pluging again.

I fully discharged a replacement battery doing tests, it wont charge. Now I am working with the original battery which is at 40%.

Any ideas?

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Update: Red blinking light gave me a hint. I found some information on the protection diode of the charging circuitry. There seems to be a method to bypass the USBcircuit by plugging the charger first and then plugging the battery.

Battery is now recharging fine. Still do not know the long term solution I do not seem to find any reference to the exact diode I should look for.

Final update: The USB circuit was not properly cleaned from the back side, cleaned up properly and now it works.

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