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Modèle A1502 / processeur Intel dual-core à 2.4, 2.6 ou 2.8 GHz / Sorti en octobre 2013

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MacBook Pro Late 2013 Is My Screen Bad?

Laptop works with external display. Is this a bad panel or something that could possibly be fixed on motherboard?

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Sadly your screen has failed. You likely sat something heavy on the lid or gave it a good bang along the edge. Here’s the guide Remplacement de l'écran complet du MacBook Pro 13" Retina fin 2013 The hard part will be sourcing a display as you’ll only find recycled parts and Apple did have a run of displays with bad anti-reflective coatings which makes finding a good one hard and expensive! Here’s one 13” MacBook Pro Display Assembly (L13/14), Apple P/N 661-8153

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houfuly my response is good, in my opinion, I think it might be broken but you can try to disconnect the screen and connect it again after cleaning the port if that won’t work you might need a new LCD.

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