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iPhone 7 home button ribbon cable

Hey, i helped replace an iPhone 7 battery, I was very careful in opening the phone and did not put the screen flat on the table as I know it is very fragile. 

I have tried reconnecting the battery and all the connectors from the screen.

I also tried a hard reset and waited for 30 minutes as someone suggested.

if I get a separate OEM screen (yes I know the cable is attached to the screen, but I have several and I might try to remove it and replace it.) can I replace it and get the Touch ID and home button functionality back?

ive searched everywhere and cannot find anything certain about the actual extension cable, just the small cable from the button itself to the connector just beside it.


i’ve taken an old screen and dissembled it to remove only the cable for the home button, the button and Touch ID is now responsive, but now the touch on the screen is now not working. I disconnected the home button cable I replaced and tried only the screen, the screen touch is now working. Does anyone have a clue why that is? I can either get the home button working or just the screen, why doesn’t both work?

They won’t work simultaneously, does anybody know why that is?

Thanks in advance

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I still think something is off with the screen you’re using. The touch ID signals are also coming through the connector on the board that carries the touch signal, so maybe there is still damage to one of the ribbon cables.

I’ve had a iPhone 7, never been opened where the ribbon cable that carries the touch ID signal somehow broke. All the rest was functioning fine. Getting a brand new screen and swapping over the home button resulted it in being a 100% functional phone again.

In regards to your question about the home button, only the home button is linked to the iPhone 7. You can re-program the serial number on the screens , but it’s not needed since there is no True Tone on the iPhone 7. The ribbon cable itself is not linked in any way to your phone.

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Thank you, i’ve been putting off buying a new screen as this isn’t my phone, but I’ll definitely do it now


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