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Garmin Vivoactive 3 battery drain

Hi guys, I see that many users complain about fast battery discharge from 100% to 0% in a day or even less. Reportedly the problem appeared after the firmware update 6.2 and with the FW 7.54 it is still there. All sorts of resets and reboots do not solve it. All IQ apps removed. Garmin support can only offer a substitution for a refurbished item fro 99 USD, which does not look like a solution. Any ideas how to help? Thanks.

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Hello Dmitry,

As rechargeable batteries age, the maximum amount of charge they can hold decreases.I would recommend to replace the battery . I could not find a battery so I think you will need to yourself

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Thank you Javen. I think its not the case as according to the threads at the official Garmin forum numerous users noted rapid decrease from 4-5 days to 12-24 hours right after FW update. Anyway I ordered a new battery from Aliexpress, Could not find anything better for a reasonable price. Thanks a lot.


Sharing my own experience with the same problem.

Replacing the battery gave a couple of extra hours (so it can survive a whole night of heart rate and sleep activity monitoring), not days that it should have. Would really wish for an option to revert the software update to a time where battery life was multiple times longer. It's just a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.


@collin5 You are welcome!


Good day.

Just replaced battery and performed factory reset but only getting 12Hrs max with maybe a 30min session using GPS.

Is there a know way to downgrade firmware?


I use vivoactive3 for golfing and even if I charge it to 100% full before heading to the golf course, the battery dies before I can finish the game. Very frustrated with such short battery life: I bought it only one year ago.


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