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Zune 80 repair information

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My zune 80gb won't update it shows error C00D1249. Please help

My zune shows the connect zune to pc screen and upon connecting it my computer recognizes it and it pops up on the zune software stating "You must update your device before you can use it." When I click install to update the device, appears: "The device has not been updated. Summary of error: The device was not updated. Error Code: C00D1249. I rebooted it and did the whole restart process to the point where it cleared the contents and was followed by "Connect Zune to your computer but then when I did this the same thing happened over again.

What can I do to fix it I have tried to restart the zune and reboot it and nothing has worked so far. I was wondering if it could be one of the components that is defective such as the harddrive or the logic board or maybe one of the cables?

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have you tried this:

To remove Error code C00D1249, try to restore the Zune device software, by follow the bellow steps:

1. Set the Hold Switch to unlocked.

2. Hold down the Back button, while press and hold the top of the filling Zune. When the Zune device begins to turn, release the buttons.

3. Immediately after releasing the buttons in step 2, press and hold the following combination of buttons, depending on the model of Zune:

"If you have the Zune 4 GB, Zune 8 GB, the Zune 16GB, the Zune 80 GB or 120 GB Zune, immediately press and hold the Back button while pressing the Zune Filling and Play / Pause button. Keep holding these buttons until your Zune device restarts and "Please Wait" appears on the screen.

"If you have the Zune 30 GB, immediately hold down the Back button while pressing both the left side of the Zune and center filler panel Zune. Keep holding these buttons until your Zune device restarts and "Please Wait" appears on the screen.

Note : Clear Contents. Wait appears, followed by "Connect Zune to your computer

(borrowed from here: CLICK)

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After all my searching, this worked! Thank you!!


I'm getting lost at step 2. What does this mean? "while press and hold the top of the filling Zune."


Sounds like your internal 30GB hard drive is either failed or is beginning to fail. This code may be a result of this happening. If you can, replace the internal HDD with another (the Toshiba 30GB HDD that is used in older apple iPod Video's are a usable substitute for this). Check this website for Zune 30GB HDD replacement for instructions on how to accomplish this.

Once that is completed you will need to reload the Zune by using the Zune Software. This can be obtained at the following website:

This website is run by Zune enthusiasts and is a HUGE resource for you Zune. They have all the necessary software, files and instructions to get your Zune up and running and loaded with your favorite Multi-media files.


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The device says"connect Zune to your PC" When I do it doesn't work. I have tried tor reset the device but it won't reset. I can't tell if the switch is locked or unlocked. the device won't reset. The software tells me to go someplace for help. When I do it tells me that page doesn't exist.

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Your Zune will not update without the Zune Software. Since Microsoft no longer supports this device you need to visit the following website to get the Zune software:

This website is run by Zune enthusiasts and is a HUGE source of all things Zune. They will also have the instructions on how to get your Zune to connect and update without the pesky error codes that you get when you try and connect to Microsoft's Zune support website and servers (which are no longer available).

I hope this helps you out.


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