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Bose's first wireless noise-canceling headphones, praised for their industry-leading noise cancelation technology and comfort. Released in June of 2016.

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Replace the micro USB port to a USB -C one?

Hi, is it possible to do so? Have someone already done it? I wonder if it is possible to do it easily to not have to deal with multiple connectors. That is one of this headset’s flaws.


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If it is for power only, as with my DAB radio, you can buy a power only USB C connector - which is designed for exactly this purpose - though you need a soldering iron and a pinch of soldering experience. Google - USB-C Power-only Connector or just look at this ...

Micro USB being used for anything that plugs in and out regularly was an example of engineers loving their designs on paper. Totally inadequate in the physical world.


Personaly I just plugged a micro usb to usb c adapter and glue it in place. Total cost $3.50, No tear down needed and it is completly reversable.


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Hi @alub ,

We would all wish things were that simple…

It is a more complicated than it may seem. The Micro USB connector has 5 pins (VCC, D-, D+, ID, GND) while the USB type C connector has a reversible connector with 12 pins on each side (24 in total) with different data buses and transfer lines.

Even if you lined up the relevant pins correctly it would require quite precise micro-soldering, risking to lose the USB-C reversibility and possible device damage. Not to mention the female socket for the USB-C is significantly larger than a micro USB port.

Hope it answers your question.

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Alright thanks for the reply. Infact if this was just for charging I think it would have been simpler. But I noticed that the usb port on the headset also helps for data transfers and updates (possible through bluetooth but faster via usb), it is not only a charging port.


This has been done, it is possible and PCBWay can make and assemble the board. An expensive mod, but possible if you want it.


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You might want to see this video :
It explains how you can change micro USB connector to USB-C.

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Thanks that is quite an interesting video :) I'll dive into this project when the warranty of the headset would be off :D


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It is definitely possible to replace USB port to a USB -C. I did it few times, and all works perfectly

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