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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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iMac late 2013 internal drive/ssd not working after change

Update: It was a faulty SATA cable

I tried to change the old 1TB drive into an 500SSD. Everything went smooth but after the start with the new SSD installed, it was not recognised.

I removed it again and connected it externally on my other Mac, formatted it (GUID / Extended (Journaled)) and installed it again. No change.

I installed the old 1TB hard drive again and now this too is not recognised any more.

I re-checked every cable and connection twice, no change.

When trying to install via web I get this image with a half scrollbar when asked about the drive to install to:

Block Image

Any ideas what the problem is? Could it be that the hard drive controller on the logic board was somehow damaged from the newly installed SSD when booting with it the first time?

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Did you first format it using internet recovery?


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What is the SSD model?

Have you accessed Disk Utility and ran a Repair on either drive without errors?

Have you tried to access Startup Disk and select the drive to boot into (try the 1TB drive).

Have you tried installing a MacOS from a USB drive instead?

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It's a Samsung 860 EVO, 500GB, I could not format or check either of the drives because the iMac does not recognise either of them any more. They don't show up in disk utility or boot selection. It didn't matter if installed internally or connected via USB.

I could install Catalina via USB from my MacMini onto the SSD and this fresh install is booting on my iMac without problems. It's running updates right now, let's see if it still works afterwards...

[EDIT:] Yes, it still works after the latest Catalina update. Shutting down and booting via USB works fine. But that's still not what I want to do ;) I need that drive to work internally.

So I assume either the SATA controller part of the LogicBoard is defect or it's only the SATA Cable?


Sorry, I didn’t mean to run off the USB drive, I meant to do a System Recovery from it. It does sound like an issue with the controller, but also possibly the logic board. I’d play it safe and just replace the logic board.


It was fortunately indeed just the SATA cable. I just got another used one today, exchanged it and now it's working. But that I had to nearly remove everything inside just to change the cable was mildly infuriating...

But all that work and headache paid off. Now I have a blazing fast iMac!


I’m so glad to hear when it’s something simple! Glad to hear you’re back in business!


@nincomkeeper - Don't forget to score and accept the answer. I'm sure Jay would like that!


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