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Une console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connue sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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How to get rid of static screen when I start my PS4

I'm very new to this so Im sorry if this isn't a good place to ask this. But I'm worried about my ps4. So normally it's 100% fine with no issues. But today I was watching a DVD on my ps4 and after it was over I turned it off and my roommate and I played a card game literally right next to the ps4. Now I have no choice but to keep my ps4 on the ground for now because I have no room anywhere else to keep it. And I happened to be sitting next to the ps4 as I play the card game. So I look down and I noticed the DVD was very slightly sticking out and the light was on. So I take the dvd out and I turn on my controller like normal. But when my ps4 starts to turn on my tv is showing nothing but static. I unplugged my ps4 and turning it on again but again nothing but static "snow" I'm not sure what I did wrong. And like I said my ps4 normally works fine. And was even working perfectly about an hour before the issue.

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Have you tried the following?

  • Try another HDMI cable
  • Verified the input/source on your TV/Monitor is correct
  • Test your PS4 on another TV/Monitor
  • Verify the rear HDMI port on the PS4 isn’t damaged

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