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Le Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (appelé le Note 5) est un téléphone du style phablette avec un stylo, fabriqué par Samsung et commercialisé en août 2015.

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How can I test my new replacement screen on Note5 no charge on battery

I am in the middle of a screen replacement repair on my Samsung Note 5. The old screen is already out, I need to be able to test the new screen before install but how can I test the screen if my battery is dead and it's not advised to plug in phone while testing? My battery is good I just need to be able to give it a charge before hooking up the new screen to be able to test.

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you will have to just connect the screen but do not fully attach it to the phone, and plug in the charger, if the display does not light up with any charging icons you’ll have your answer. if it does light up then you can simply finish the replacement from there.

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I guess if that is my only option, what I meant by testing was running the IOTEST screen from special input codes. Testing all functionality. I see what your saying though. I thought about hooking my old screen back up just to put a little bit of a charge. I can tell power going in from blue light indicator at the top left of phone. Thanks for the input I will let you know how everything goes.


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