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Is a punctured battery dangerous?

I replaced an iPhone 7 battery, but the glue stickers broke, so I should use pure force, to get it out, but the battery bent, and this made a hole on it. I felt a sweet smell, and ran out to the balcony. Are the chemicals, that came out any dangerous?

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Yes, extremely. It can start to burn or explode.

You should dispose of it following your city or government guidelines.

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I don’t care about fire as much, as the chemicals inside. Are they dangerous to breathe?


The fumes are toxic and can cause irritation, pulmonary damage and in cases of prolonged inhalation it can cause pulmonary edema.

If you think you might’ve been exposed to chemical fumes I suggest contacting a physician or your state/country chemical control authority


Honestly, I’ve not had issues with exposure, just run in, grab jt, throw it out on the back porch or something and figure out the next plan


I would use gloves and follow the procedures listed on the EPA website

Good luck and I'm happy you didn't get exposed to toxic materials!


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