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The ASUS ZenBook, which can be identified by the model number UX330U, was released in March of 2017. The UX330U is also referred to as the UX330UA in some regions. The ZenBook uses Windows 10 and features up to 12 hours of battery life, a QHD+ Display, and a lightweight and slim profile.

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Just installed a new battery but still doesn't work.

Prior to repair, I noticed that the battery stayed at 23% charged no matter how long I kept it on the charger. It stayed like that for a few months until it just cut out. It seemed like the battery was the issue. I followed the battery installation instructions on this site and everything seemed to be done properly. However, when I tried to power it back up or plug in the power source, the charge light indicator did not appear and the computer won’t power on. Any other ideas of what it might be?

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Did you try completely discharging the old batteries before attempting the repairs?

Does or did it work on just the charger with the battery removed? If it didn’t/doesn’t work with the charger alone the charger may be defective. Does the wall power outlet work?

Also are you sure you carefully reconnected everything correctly? I would suggest reviewing the battery replacement instructions:

Asus ZenBook UX330U Battery Replacement

You may have missed or misunderstood a crucial step. Especially recheck all connections. Are you sure you didn’t damage any of the ribbon cables?

Then read over the calibration instructions:

Battery Calibration

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Hi mike,

I have the same issue with my laptop Asus UX330UA, the battery stayed at 53% and I decides to change it, but after having changed it, I had no charge light indicator and the computer didn’t power on.

It do not work with battery disconnected, it do not work with charger disconnected, I have 19V after the mosfet of the motherboard. I do not understand what is wrong, it does not work with the old battery too.

Best regards, could you help? who to fond a scheme of the motherboard?


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