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Released in 1985. Second version of the the WM-D6 which include Dolby B and C NR thus the C in the name. Also unlike the original WM-D6 the WM-D6C had only one headphone jack and a line-in input on the back of the device.

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Anyone have experience repairing a Sony WM-D6C?

Not looking for anyone to repair it, but looking for any advice, service manuals, tools, gotchas, etc. Thanks :)

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Here’s the service manual

On p.16 it describes the tape speed adjustment procedure which requires a test tape (Sony WS-48B) and a digital frequency counter.

Searching online indicates that the test tape is no longer available but there is a lot of information about making your own test tape. Just search for Sony WS-48B

You will also need other test equipment to make sure that the device is set up correctly - see p.17, as trying to adjust by ear usually doesn’t work

Hopefully a start.

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Hey! Thanks for the service manual. This is a good start. :)


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