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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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IS THE 65PFL6902/F7 TV JUST A disposable Philips TV

My 2018 Philips TV 65 in model number 655 pfl 6902 / F7 I feel as a disposable TV been through covid I feel that this TV should be replaced no matter what I spent the money for it South Phillips with a good company but I have seen throughout all the comments and everything everybody has to fix their own TV why didn't they just do it right the first time my screen goes white I just don't understand why I put out that much money the TV for scrap fast please explain Phillips thank you

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Hi @bigmike67 ,

Maybe direct your question to Philips TV in your location. At least then they will know about it.

ifixit is about helping people to fix their devices themselves if possible.

Do you still have sound when the TV screen turns white?

Have you tried different signal sources e.g a dvd player, firestick etc to see if the problem is the TV and not the source of the signal?

What have you tried?



No I'm really frustrated with it all right now,I'm so sorry for coming off like that I thought I was talking to philips people. See I'm on disability and my mental illness are I have Social anxiety and I am bipolar. I have trouble when it comes to dealing with people. This TV has sound and acts as if it wants to come on but only get sound from voice commands. Some how my remote has come up missing so I am trying to do this manually. I don't know where to go to find the answers to my problem are you able to help me?


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Hi @bigmike67 ,

Try operating the TV using the TV Control panel and see that how goes.

Here’s a link to the user manual that will help. See p.14 in the manual to view the controls and their location.

Once the TV has been turned on using the Power button, check if you get a menu being displayed on the screen when you press the Menu button.

If you don’t and if there is sound coming from the TV speakers then most probably it is a mainboard problem as you said before that the screen was white.

If you do then that is a good start as it proves that the screen is OK and that the connection from the mainboard to the screen is OK and lastly that the mainboard is OK up to a point as the menus are stored on the mainboard.

If there is no TV picture (as opposed to a menu screen) what is the signal source for the TV, an antenna or a box e.g. cable box, firestick or other media streaming device, pvr etc?

If it is an antenna then the problem is in the TV, again most likely the mainboard.

If it is a “box” then you have first have to prove whether the problem is in the “box” or the TV by connecting another signal source e.g. a dvd player and see if that works OK or not.

Using the TV control button will let you select most things that a remote would. It is just harder as you have to press the Vol. buttons to navigate through the settings.

Hopefully a start

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