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Annoncé en mars 2015, puis commercialisé le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 est le prochain flagship de la série Galaxy. La version avec un écran incurvé est connue en tant que Galaxy S6 Edge.

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Chemicals in broken LCDs

I tried to replace the broken Display of my old Samsung Galaxy S6. While seperating the display from the frame my opening pick slipped under the foil on the backside of the display assembly and was visible through the front glass. After that I removed the frame I saw that the different components were clearly visible through the gap I accidentally created and some of them even were broken.

My question now is if these LCD screens contain any toxic chemicals which I should worry about. I tried searching online but most of the articles/posts covering this topic focus on cracks in the frontglass and not split in half displays. Some posts talked about MBBA and mercury but I couldn’t find more detailed information about the quantities used in phone screens and if broken LCDs are dangerous for humans.

Hopefully someone has more information about this topic and is willing to help me out.

Thanks in advance :)

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They shouldn’t be poisonous as long as you don’t like drink them or something. Just put it into the e-waste bin and feel fine. As long as the battery is ok and not punctured there should be no issue.


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You should be all good as long as you aren’t ingesting it, or having prolonged exposure. I’m assuming you aren’t wanting to hang up a broken LCD as a wall piece, so if you toss it in the recycling bin, you should be good. As @tsar_bomba talked about, the battery is the really bad thing. The lithium in the battery is what’s really scary and bad to injest. If you didn’t damage the battery at all, you should be good. (Damage would including punctures to the outer wrapping of the battery, as well as an expanded battery or folding the battery, but not minor bending.)

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