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Mis sur le marché en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 15", modèle A1990, est muni d'un écran de 15,4 pouces avec rétroéclairage LED et technologie True Tone et d'un processeur 6-core i7.

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True Tone and Webcam Disabled after screen replacement!

Ok we swapped the LCD with a known working LCD with True Tone and Webcam enabled. After we installed it on another Machine it was disabled and no True tone anymore. We took the original LCD back off and put it back on the Machine it originally came from…now True Tone and the Webcam is disabled on this machine as well! Can someone explain why is this happening? People are saying replace it with a known working LCD oem from Apple…well we just did that and now both screens are disabled. What is going on here?

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Also the Keyboard backlight is gone as well on both computers. Anyone have a suggestion?


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Yep! Apple updated the system firmware on us so now you can’t swap displays any more!

Your display has a ID which your system will only recognize. This ID needs to match and if you put a different display on and the ID is different it won’t accept it, now the real nasty! The system will loose the original ID so if you put the original display back on it won’t recognize it either again!

All I can say is - THANK YOU APPLE!! NOT!!

Such a bonehead action on their part! You’ll need to visit an authorized Apple shop to see if they would be so kind to recalibrate the display. Such an easy fix on Apple’s part to offer the needed tool or even program the EFI (BIOS) to allow calibration.

SUPPORT the Right to Repair movement

Apple needs to breakout of this mind set!

Update (03/17/2021)

See if resetting the SMC fixes the keyboard backlight How to reset the SMC of your Mac Otherwise you’ll need to check your cable connection for damaged pins on either the cable or logic board.

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We never disconnected the Backlight keyboard etc. we took an original oem working LCD off of a good 2018 model 15" for testing purposes (this was on our employees computer without any issue, we took it off to just test it the other LCD on his computer and then put back the original LCD that was on and it now has no backlight, webcam or True tone) we are bummed out that this happened in a 2018 but we replaced 2019 and 2020 models without issue and the T2 chip accepted them. So question arises why the 2018?


Behind the scenes Apple updates the systems firmware when you install OS updates. What was possible is no more!

Think it this way .... I have two exact systems: System A has firmware #1 no issues moving things about. System B has firmware #2 but unlike system A its not allowing the hardware change!


Yeah this is unfortunate. We were told maybe doing DFU mode on T2 and forcing a firmware patch would maybe fix his computer. But we did that on the other computer to no AVAIL.


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The information Dan posted is incorrect. You may have damage some lcd connector pins while replacing or your OEM screen is of poor quality. All screens for all models before M1 can be replaced without losing any functionality. True Tone will work. I have just replaced a 2019 16” model.

Only M1 models have the LCDs paired with the Logicboard. If the lcd is replaced, True Tone will be disabled. FaceTime camera will still work though.

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The source of the display is the root issue a virgin display won't have the calibration and won't work with TrueTone services. A used display pulled which had been calibrated will work just fine.

I haven't worked on any M1's yet so it wouldn't surprise me Apple has made it still harder! The solution is for Apple to offer the needed calibration process and tool.

We faced the same thing with car makers locking out independent repair!

Here in MA we got the car makers to supply access to the repair data and tools via a Law. They tried to get around the Law trying to use over the air data access. We went back and updated the Law and we are waiting to see were things go as come Jan 1st they can't use that means without giving access to independent repair shops who are working on that given car.

FYI - Your access to repair data and tools today is based on what we managed to get in the first Law as they couldn't do something different for us than the rest of the country!


Yes the part source is the issue. That’s exactly what I’m pointing out.

You’ve mentioned in a previous post that Apple has updated the firmware and two exact displays from two identical models cannot be swapped out because of firmware updates. That is not true. That was what I am correcting.

We are still using Mojave-Catalina era old 2018 LCDs to test on Big Sur era MacBook Pro, without issues.

You can swap, instead original or OEM LCDs without issues for pre-M1 models and have True Tone enabled.

There are also third-party parts with working True Tone as well. We have installed them without issues.

A lot of third-party LCDs do not have them. It’s more likely the sensor isn’t really there, rather than it’s not calibrated.

These are parts with third-party shells, third- with third party inner LCD, backlight and third party ICs.

ID pairing is only enabled in M1 and the newer M1 Pro / Max systems.


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