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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Not charging with any charger

  • I actually have solo pros but couldn’t find it in the device selection so I did the closest thing if I plug it in it has a flashing white light that won’t go away no matter how long I leave it
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Mine lost all signs of life, led, bluetooth died. I think my battery died or I got corrosion on my board. Trying to decide if I should open it myself or get the apple plus repair


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How long have you left your headphones charging for? Often times if a device has not been used for a while, the battery can go below the recommended discharge voltage and not turn back on.

That being said I would recommend that you leave your headphones charging for 12 - 24 hours before using them again. This will give the battery enough time to properly charge back up to the voltage it needs to be at.

Please keep me informed and let me know if this ended up helping you, or if you need further information. Hope this helps.

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yeah but the light flashes red when its low on battery?


yeah it doesnt matter anymore the headphones started smoking and leaking battery tar ish substances.


for my comment


I apologize that your headphones decided it was time. However I'm more than confident that there is a guide here on iFixit for you to follow, as well as a new battery.


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it sounds like the batter has properly died

If you do want to replace it are actually fairly easy

However I would do a little more research and ask more questions before buying a battery so treat it as a last resort

Hope this helps

Any questions please ask


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