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Forcing an undercharged battery to charge?

I replaced the screen on my iPod touch 5, but when I went to test it, it got stuck on the charging screen and sometimes flashes the Apple logo. I checked with a multimeter and the battery is at 2.69v. I left it overnight to no avail. Is there any way to force the battery to charge without replacing/desoldering the battery?

Update: I’ve gotten it to 2.9v leaving it on charge for a few more hours and making sure it was the battery flat screen, I’ll try leaving it overnight again.

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try this

iPod Touch 5th Gen won't boot passed the APPLE screen

also on youtube northridgefix and louis rossman both repair apple products REGULARLY. you might be able to find a video with your problem also.

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It's actually not even turning on when not on the charger. In that thread, it seems like the battery is charging and working normally.


if its not turning on when not on the charger that would indicate the batter circuit doesn't know the battery is there to draw power.

id say if you haven't already:

check connections be sure to look for lifted contacts or bent pins.

look for corrosion on the board, typically around the chips and resistors.

make sure there aren't and SMD components that have been knocked loose \ off the board.

the SMDs can be VERY easy to brush over and pop one lose


@logixal I check with the multimeter and it is 2.9v, it's probably not enough to even show the low power screen


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