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Serial# 4A44715147 Ice Maker Model #JSI-26 Manufactored 11/14

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Water will not flow through to ice maker water tube

Replaced water inlet valve and there is no clogging to the line that runs up the back into ice maker. Removed line and tested by at inlet valves, water dispenser and ice maker, switched electric to ice maker valve and pressed dispenser flap on front of Frig. Water comes out. Used copper wire to push through until I see it on the inside coming down water tube shoot. But when I screw ice maker line back onto fixture of water tube coming out the top back. When I depress water dispenser flap on front NO water flows down tube? The water making to the tube and the tube is not clogged, why no test flow?

I did this test because after putting in new water inlet valve was not getting water to ice maker and thought this would be a good way of testing the line to the ice maker.

what is going on here? clearly water is getting to the water tube shoot fixture, so why no water flow into the water tube fixture when I depress water dispenser flap on front?

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Hi @wecanworkitout ,

The water inlet valve is a triple valve and looking at the wiring diagram on p.20 in the parts catalogue for the refrigerator it seems that both the main and ice maker valves, have to operate for water to flow to the ice maker and it is both the main and dispenser valves for the water dispenser.

For water to get to the ice maker the main and ice maker valves are operated by the ice maker and not by the dispenser.

Don’t know the ice maker in your model but with some there is a level switch that operates to fill the ice tray and with others there is a sensor that detects the water level in the ice tray and turns on the valves as needed

If no water is flowing to the ice maker you may have to check that both of the valves are operating when required.

The ice maker wiring to the valves is better shown in the service data sheet. The ice maker is at the bottom of the circuit in the middle and the valves are at the bottom left

Hopefully this is of some help

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Hi @jayeff ,

Ice Maker Model #JSI-26

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! The green wire connector for the ice maker valve needed to be flipped over. I had, not paying proper attention, wrongly connected upside down. Now working correctly.

I normally take a photo of job before replacing parts so I don't have to go to Internet searching for manual. Didn't this time, haste makes wasted time, and it cost me several hours! Let my haste be lesson for others!

Again, Thanks @jayeff


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