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Du bois et des roues. Il existe plusieurs sortes de skateboards (ou planches à roulettes) aux usages différents. On peut diviser les skateboards de base en cruiserboard, longboard et trickboard standard.

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something is wrong with my skateboard

When I got my skateboard weird things started to happen with it! My skateboard always turns left on its own.

My skateboard’s wheels have lights in them and the skateboard itself is really long. I checked everything on it and not one thing was worn out. I then went to a local store, but the skateboard still kept going left on its own. But when I put my weight on it with my hands, it sometimes works fine and goes straight.

Can any1 find a solution?

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Did the skateboard store say anything about the board and wheels?

It sounds like the hardware may be unevenly tightened or maybe the wheels are not evenly worn.

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The store didn't tell anything about the skateboard it just gave it but maybe while I was fixing it I might've tightened them too much? maybe that is the problem

anyway thanks alot!


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