Dyson DC14 beater brush bar won’t STOP spinning.

DC14 Animal Upright beater brush bar typically stopped spinning when the vacuum was placed in the upright position (as expected). Now the beater brush no longer turns off when I stand the vacuum up to use the wand. Vacuum is also making a slight high-pitched sound for first minute or two after being powered on; not sure if any correlation but mentioning since this began maybe a month or two before I realized beater bar wasn’t stopping. I’ve taken it all apart & cleaned it well. No problem there as we have five girls with long hair & have to clean it often anyway. My best thought was the clutch, but all signs I can find online of a bad clutch point to bar *not* spinning. I have the opposite problem. Any ideas? Cannot find ANYONE with this issue online so not sure if I should go through hassle of replacing clutch or not in case it’s a different issue. What part makes the beater bar stop when the vacuum is placed in upright position?

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Hi. Thanks for your reply, but I have the original manual which came with my vacuum. Neither my original manual nor the link you sent contain any information as to why the brushbar would remain on when the vacuum is in the upright position. It actually even states that the brushbar will *only* turn when the handle is tilted (& when the vacuum is in carpet mode). What am I missing? Which part of the manual mentions what to check if the brushbar won’t turn off at all?


Did you check to see if there is some button or switch that should be compressed or released when the vacuum is stood or tipped?


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