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iPhone 7 keeps restarting and does not show battery health

I was given iPhone 7 32GB for free and it had screen smashed. So I changed the screen and while I opened it, I changed battery too. When I started using the phone, it always restarted when trying to log in to my Apple ID or updating the phone. Battery did recharge to 100% ok. Yet, phone does not show battery health and keeps searching it.

So I thought maybe the battery is faulty. I changed again a new battery and phone keeps restarting if I try to log in to my Apple ID or update it. Battery does not show health and this time it won’t charge more that 27%.

All I can do is perhaps change a charging port. I don’t know the history of the phone and I don’t know how to check or fix problems on board.

Any advises or should I just toss this to trash bin?

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1 solution

check the panic logs by going to settings, privacy, analytics and improvements, analytics data then scroll down till it says panic full. if you can send the latest panic full log i can take a look at it and potentially figure out what is causing it

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