iPhone X Screen Replaced - Black Screen - Can't Hard Reset


I replaced the screen on my iPhone X. I checked the connections and the new screen worked and it powered on. After I added the metal casing over the connections and cable, I can not power the phone back on. The screen is 100% black. When trying to hard reset a loud piercing alarm-type sound gives a short burst, but nothing past that. I took the metal casing off and re-checked the cables.

What could I have possibly broken?

iTunes does not recognize phone as well.

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You have put back the screws at the right spot, there are long and short screws.


I am certain there are some in the wrong spot, but everything things seems secure and connected securely. Would a wrong size screw used prevent the phone from turning on? The screen was tested on another phone and it works fine. I am paying someone to test the circuits now. I’m stumped.


@legtysgirl could be long screw damage to the logic board.


Oh, man! That makes so much sense ?‍♀️

...hopefully not.

Thank you for explaining


@tech_ni Yes, you are right. Damaged Logic Board :I


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