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Mis sur le marché en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 15", modèle A1990, est muni d'un écran de 15,4 pouces avec rétroéclairage LED et technologie True Tone et d'un processeur 6-core i7.

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Broken display cable on MacBook Pro 15 2018 (A1990)

I managed to accidentally rip one of the cables that go inside the display.

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Is it beyond repair? Because I know that you can disassemble the display, but I am not sure that would actually help. Or getting a new assembled display is the only option?

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Not good ;-{

Time for a new display there is no means to repair or replace this cable.

This ribbon cable connects directly to the glass LCD display similar to how the iMac T-CON is attached as you can see here

Block Image

Unlike the iMac you only have two ribbon cables (green) to the LCD panel which are fused to it and replacing the LCD is not really possible as its a custom panel to Apple.

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I have the same problem. In my opinion, this is a wrong construction. Apple refuses out of warranty repair. The same was true for 13 inch computers (flexgate). They should do service actions.

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Well ... Both the 13" & 15" 2016 & 2017 all of a short backlight cable issue (FlexGate). The 2018 and onward systems don't have that issue. So if you have either I would press Apple hard to get it fixed. But sadly, the window is now closed on the 2016 models and the 2017 will also end shortly. Thats not to say its not repairable its just going to come out of your pocket vs Apple's!

Basically, the OP's damage is do to a persons actions not a engineering failure!


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