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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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What part do I need to change out the charging port for my IPad Pro 2?

What part and tools will I need to change out the charging port for my IPad Pr 12.9 2nd generation? This will be my first attempt to DIY a repair. I am hoping to find a how to video as well.

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The charge port is soldered onto the board and is not a repair you should DIY as you can easily mess the board up and cause more damage and requires thousands of dollars in tooling. Send it to a board repair specialist like iPad Rehab, STS Telecom, Rossmann Repair, or VCC Board Repairs. All of them has youtube channels you can check out. I personally use VCC for repairs I can’t handle in my own repair shop so they certainly know what they’re doing but you can’t go wrong with either of them. But if you don’t mind me asking, why are you replacing the charge port? Do you need to wiggle the cord just right to get it to work?

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Hi, so at the moment i will not change it but i have thought about it because compared to all my other apple products the port seams lose. And when i move the cable sometimes it stops charging. Also when charging the apple pencil it also seams lose and wont charge unless i hold it strait... what do you say? Should I change it? Or is there another fix you know of? Thanks in advance!


@appletopic you can try cleaning the port out. sometimes dirt and debris can find it's way in there. Fine tipped tweezers should do the trick


My port has been acting up for months. All cables behave the same, so it is the port. The contacts inside appear discolored. I used fine "Q" tips and other iFixit tools, but the contacts can't be bent in for a tighter fit, so wiping them with DeOxit and drying was as much as I could do. At first it wouldn't charge at all, but after a few hours it seemed to work fine. Then later it began acting up again when plugged in. If I lift the cable slightly, contact is made. If I press it down a bit contact is lost. Frustrating.


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