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Computer turns on like usual yet monitors get no signal

So, earlier today my monitors randomly went black. The PC was still on but it was clear that it had either crashed or froze, since it didn’t respond to anything. I turned my PC's power on and off and since then I’ve been getting no signal on both displayports and hdmi cables on both my monitors. The PC turns on like usual - fans spinning, no unusual noise - yet my monitors can’t get a signal. I’ve tried DVI, displayports and hdmi cables on both a rtx 2060 card and two different 970s, so I’m confident its not a GPU issue.

If anyone has an idea of what could be causing this please reach out. It would be much appreciated.

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First it would help if you state the motherboard model and other specifications like RAM, etc.

In this kind of situation “Post Code” reader cards are very handy as they will tell you where the system hangs.

  • O.K so probably not video card.
  • Does it have onboard video (this is where specs mentioned above help us to help you)? If so remove video card. Try one RAM module at a time in different slots. Any luck?
  • Disconnect hard drive, DVD drive, wi-fi cards, etc.
  • Reset CMOS by removing battery.
  • Let us know how it goes

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I have a Z170A MSI motherboard with an intel graphics card, 16gb of ram, i-7 6700k, rtx 2060 and a cooler master v1000 PSU.

After removing the gaming GPUs completely I managed to get a signal to my 1080p monitor through an hdmi cable from the motherboard's intel graphics card. However, the computer is still struggling since there are green, flickering pixels on the monitor. I also tried plugging the hdmi cable into my 4k monitor but there I get no signal. I'm clearly not very smart about this sort of stuff but from what I've read online I'm thinking that it's my PSU that is struggling to provide enough power. Anyway, I can now access my computer but I'm unsure what tools to use for troubleshooting further. I'll try reseating some of the other parts now but I would greatly appreciare your take on this.


I've tried reseating ram, disconnecting various other stuff, resetting the cmos through BIOS and by removing it and still nothing.



Hi Mike,Yes power supply might be the solution but your system is only 6 years old. Any blackouts or power surges lately? Electrical storms?

Have you got another power supply you could test with?

But then taking out the RTX2060 would certainly reduce power drawn from PSU???

Awesome that you got something on the screen. Do you get the " green, flickering pixels on the monitor" when in just the BIOS or in Windows. If just Windows then I would say a chipset or video driver issue. What about in Safe Mode? Did you disconnect the hard drive and DVD drive as well when testing video?


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