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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 Ultra Android smartphone, released in March of 2020.

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My screen is flickering, barely responsive and showing a white screen.

I didn't drop or have any prior damage to the screen. So I want to rule out physical damage… it looks like this..

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It either suffered some form of physical damage or it’s a defective display. If it’s still under Samsung’s warranty I would contact them as these screens can be quite pricey to repair. I think the last time I quoted someone on a repair for this model it was $400… And that’s because a huge chunk of that cost is the screen itself.

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Thanks for the reply, looks like I have no other option but to repair the screen. Working 9n getting it done.


This is a world wide problem with this Samsung. Mine started doin this in 2021 and I had bought it in 2020. Samsung wanted me to pay morecthan R6k to fix it. I refused. The fone repaired itself. It started again last week. There is something wrong with the system updates.


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Try using a slow charger

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