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A home electrical installation is a complex system of electrical components that bring power into a home and distribute it to the various outlets, appliances, and lighting fixtures.

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shed light switch not working

shed light switch suddenly stops working, have changed it twice. power to switch and lights work if bypassed. what is causing switch failure? Not used often

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Hi @underdog500 ,

How many lights are connected to the switch?

Have you checked that the current rating of the switch is appropriate for the number of lights connected?

Does the switch smell burnt at all?


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Since it is located in a shed it isn't in a controlled environment like inside a house. Humidity and such play large factors. I would recommend an enclosure like this:

I've installed them before, they're very easy, and your switches should last longer since they'll be more protected. Also, check and sure nothing has been leaking in/on the switch or electrical box.

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