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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,0 GHz, 2,3 GHz ou 2,6 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,8 GHz) avec 6 Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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A1398 Corrupt display after battery replacement

I’ve seen a few posts on here regarding the same issue - namely the screen gets “corrupted’ (a bit like its out of sync if that’s a thing) - but no real solution or comment. I had no issues during the battery removal/replacement (New iFixit battery) - no cable snaggage or awkwardness and everything seemed to go well.

I’ve ordered a replacement LVDS cable to try as a first point of call but it seems a bit odd so thought I’d bump it as a topic just in case there are any new insights!


Block Image

(ignore the idiot in the reflection)

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Done that :-)


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Make sure you focus in on the Retina series systems when reviewing the answers area as the older Unibody systems used a very different signaling system between the logic board and the display (LVDS signaling) unlike the newer retinal models which use iDP or eDP signaling. While the cable looks the same the signals are very different! Just like how the older analog TV and the newer digital signals are different running down the same Coax cable.

Here’s a deeper view on why the change was needed DisplayPort DevCon Presentation iDP So higher resolutions were possible in the display (just like how digital TV also gained from the older analog).

So jumping back to your problem what you are seeing on your display will help us understand what is the problem.

Update (05/07/2021)

This is starting to look like a logic board issue with the GPU. Are you able to connect an external monitor to your system via the Thunderbolt/mini DisplayPort connection? If you can does it too look like this?

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Sorry - forgot to say - external display via HDMI is ok.


@philwelbourn - Not good ;-{

Your display got damaged somehow. Within it is a small logic board we call a T-CON, the signals from it to the LCD panel have been damaged. When you where working on your battery you must have pressed real hard causing the pressure to be driven into the lid breaking these fragile connections.

Time for a new display assembly sorry ;-{


Shame its not mine!


I had a sacrificial screen (with a cracked area - different fault) and the issue is the same on that one. So at least it narrows it down a little to the logic board/lvds connector


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