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What kind of battery is this?

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Other YouTube videos lead me to believe that they’re small NiMH batteries wired together in series(?) but terminals have some red tape on it that might be connecting the terminals(?)

Anyone know where they might sell batteries like this or how someone might easily replace these batteries with out a soldering iron?

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how to remove the rabbit battery from the wine opener.


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Yes the youtube videos are quite correct. Those are NiMH batteries wired in series and that red tape on the terminals is to keep them for shorting if the ends come into contact with any metals. If you have a Batteries Plus Bulbs in your area they might be able to make a new one. I worked for a few of them and we would rebuilt battery packs like this. Mostly for cordless drills but sometimes we’d get batteries like this in. You also might have luck with an emergency exit battery pack as well. As long as it’s a NiMH pack that has the same voltage and same capacity (mAh) or higher you’ll be fine.

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This is awesome thanks so much! I had no idea batteries plus bulbs could help with this sort of thing. I was just jazzed that I was able to disassemble the wine opener without too much drama until I saw the battery pack...


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